Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our purpose is to actively protect and enhance people’s lives

Actively: we play a proactive and leading role in improving people’s lives through insurance.

Protect: we are dedicated to the heart of insurance - managing and mitigating risks of individuals and institutions.

Enhance: Generali is also committed to creating value.

People: we deeply care about our clients’ and our people’s future and lives.

Lives: ultimately, we have an impact on the quality of people’s lives: wealth, safety, advice and service are instrumental in improving people’s chosen way of life for the long term.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions

First choice: logical and natural action that acknowledges the best offer in the market based on clear advantages and benefits.

Delivering: we ensure achievement striving for the highest performance.

Relevant: anticipating or fulfilling a real life need or opportunity, tailored to local and personal needs and habits, perceived as valuable.

Accessible: simple, first of all, and easy to find, to understand and to use; always available, at a competitive value for money.

Insurance Solutions: we aim at offering and tailoring a bright combination of protection, advice and service.

Our Values

Deliver on the promise, Value our people, Live the community, Be open

Deliver on the promise: we tie a long-term contract of mutual trust with our people, clients and stakeholders; all of our work is about improving the lives of our clients. We commit with discipline and integrity to bringing this promise to life and making an impact within a long lasting relationship.

Value our people: we value our people, encourage diversity and invest in continuous learning and growth by creating a transparent, cohesive and accessible working environment. Developing our people will ensure our company’s long term future.

Live the community: we are proud to belong to a global Group with strong, sustainable and long lasting relationships in every market in which we operate. Our markets are our homes.

Be open: we are curious, approachable and empowered people with open and diverse mindsets who want to look at things from a different perspective.

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In 2013, a structured path was undertaken to define the Group vision, mission and values. The cultural system was presented for the first time by the Group CEO to the Generali Leadership Group (GLG) at their meeting in November and subsequently communicated to all Group companies by means of dedicated meetings attended by more than 14,000 people around the world, and a global internal communication campaign which began on electronic tools in February 2014, and continued with the display of posters on the Group values, translated into more than 20 languages.

This is an important step, which aims to ensure that the diverse reality of the Generali Group can be identified and recognised as a single, great player, thanks to a single strategy, a common culture and a common language that sets the Group apart. The new Vision, Mission and Values will guide the Group activities in all of its relationships, both internal (with employees, partners and shareholders) and external (with customers, suppliers and various actors in the communities in which the Group operates).

The starting point – one that the entire organisation needs to set as a goal – is the Group vision which, with its simple statement, "To actively protect and enhance people’s lives," directly reflects the very essence of our reason for being, as well as that of the insurance business as a whole. We want to take care of people in order to improve their lives. To succeed, we must first listen to the needs and desires of people, anticipate those that remain unspoken and try to satisfy them with a spirit of service and open-mindedness, working together to find the best solutions for everyone.

This applies to all our stakeholders with whom we interact – clients, employees, the community, non-profit organisations, etc. – and with whom we want to create shared value because we feel a responsibility towards each and every one of them.

Our mission is to be the first choice for customers when they are looking for insurance solutions, but we also want to be the group that attracts the best talent and on which the communities, institutions and network of non-profit associations can rely to implement projects of value.

For this to happen, we must first gain the trust of people, building our endeavours around four fundamental pillars based on the values we believe are important:

Deliver on the promise: we are responsible for honouring our commitments, regardless of whether they relate to the contract, an increase in share price value or a higher dividend, acknowledgement of work carried out, supporting a campaign to raise awareness about global issues, or executing a project for the local community. For us it is a matter of commitment – we want to be measured on the basis of the results actually achieved.

Value our people: in our profession, the adequacy of the systems used and the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes implemented are important, but it is without doubt the people involved that make the difference. Therefore, we must not only be in a position to attract the best talent, but also offer all our employees personal and professional growth paths through training programmes and providing opportunities to gain various types of experience in an inclusive and stimulating environment. Our objective is to continually enhance the value of our people with a view to providing a consistently excellent service to our clients.

Live the community: we get involved in the lives of the communities in which we operate in order to have a positive impact on people's lives. Establishing ongoing relationships with institutions and social operators in the local area and increasing mutual understanding through dialogue are of paramount importance to us in order to work together to find the best solutions, i.e. those which, by using resources, skills and financial means, produce more meaningful and lasting results.

Be open: we observe the changes that occur in the world and in society; we are attentive to the new needs and the conduct of other operators; we are not closed in on ourselves, impervious to what happens around us. In an ever-changing environment, we face the challenges that present themselves with an innovative spirit and mind free from preconceived ideas, open to discussion and willing to look at things from different perspectives to find the best solutions, both for us and for our stakeholders.

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