Ethical Code for suppliers

One of the purposes of the Code of Conduct is to promote a culture of sustainability within all of the Group spheres of influence, with particular reference to employees, customers and suppliers.
With regard to suppliers, the Code specifically refers to supplier selection process, which must be based on the principles of free competition, fairness, transparency and quality of products and services. Quality is also assessed in consideration of compliance with international ethical principles on labour and human rights and the environmental impact caused.

These elements are described in more detail in the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group, approved by the Board of Directors of the Parent Company in December 2011. The main purpose of the Code is to define how risks and opportunities related to the management of relationships with suppliers should be addressed in order to ensure the integrity of the supply chain in relation to the Group principles regarding human and labour rights, the fight against corruption and the environment.

All profitable relationships with contract partners should be based on fairness and honesty, the rejection of all forms of corruption, transparency and impartiality, the prevention of conflicts of interest, confidentiality and fair competition, and the protection of workers and the environment. Suppliers are required to align their business practices with the Group policies and ensure compliance at all levels of their respective supply chains.

To closely regulate the relationships with suppliers, some countries (Italy, Austria, France and Germany) have adopted specific codes or documents in line with the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group, while others have formalised purchasing procedures and practices by means of internal circulars and regulations.

These provisions are important for two reasons: on the one hand, they help to ensure the social and environmental sustainability of our products and services, to which our suppliers also contribute and, on the other, they are the means by which we try to induce suppliers to adopt good conduct, making us sponsors of a culture of sustainability.
To this end, as part of the supplier selection process, the Group considers the possession of certifications or the existence of social and environmental policies a preferential requirement. In several countries (Italy, Austria, France, Germany and the Czech Republic) accreditation is performed through platforms (supplier portals), which allow suppliers to enter their details, complete questionnaires that include questions about social and environmental requirements, and review and sign the relevant Generali Group documents.
In particular, the addition of the environmental variable to the supplier assessment process is in line with the objectives set out in the Environmental Policy of the Generali Group, described in the section entitled Generali and the environment.
In some countries, supplier selection privileges social cooperatives and associations that pursue social objectives. In particular, in Austria, France, Czech Republic, Spain and Switzerland, suppliers are used that employ disadvantaged and disabled people, especially for the purchase of consumable goods and promotional products.

With regard to supply chain management, of particular note in Germany is the membership of the Group to Econsense, a forum for the sustainable development of the German market, which has developed a set of principles relating to the supply chain called GASP (General Accepted Sustainable Supply Chain Principle of Econsense into the RFI - Request For Information). Generali has integrated these principles into its purchasing processes, including 30 questions that have been added to the qualification questionnaire divided into 5 categories: governance, ecology, society, politics and management. This procedure will be applied to the major suppliers with the objective of covering 60% of the total expenses. In 2013, 80 suppliers used this qualification system amounting to 25% of total expenses.

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