Charter of Sustainability Commitment

The Charter of Sustainability Commitments is a new document that was created at the request of Top Management to communicate in a transparent and timely manner our commitment as responsible Group, which was approved by the Board of Directors and publicly adopted.

The Charter of Sustainability Commitments is primarily a management tool containing the objectives we intend to pursue as a priority and the commitments to meeting these objectives made in respect of all our stakeholders in a process of continuous improvement and the creation of shared value. At the same time, the Charter is also an important communication tool that provides a quick and accurate assessment of the results gradually achieved.

The document Sustainability Objectives and Commitments for 2013-2015 constitutes an integral part of the Charter, which specifies the goals we undertake to achieve over a three-year period and the actions required to achieve them. Timing and KPIs for monitoring the results achieved are assigned to each action. On an annual basis, we verify to what extent the commitments stated in the document have been met and we check that objectives and commitments have been set for the next three years, which should be approved by the Board of Directors.

At the end of the first year, we confirmed that we had achieved most of the goals set for 2013, in some cases ahead of schedule, thus achieving some results planned for subsequent years. The failure to achieve certain objectives in 2013 and the early achievement of some objectives planned for subsequent years depended mainly on changes in project priorities that occurred during the year.
The results obtained are described separately in the relevant sections of this report, while the document including all of the results can be found in the Appendix.

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