Be open

When defining the paths and individual actions to turn into reality our desire to help improve the lives of people, the ability to take ownership of the value we hold dear is of utmost importance. As previously mentioned, Be Open is a cross-functional value that is applied to all of the Group activities and relationships. This value reflects our willingness to open up to the outside world and listen to their needs, to meet the challenges that the market presents, and to find the best solutions for us and our stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.

Knowing how to listen, engage and create transparent relationships with stakeholders is a prerequisite for companies that wish to be sustainable. Indeed, stakeholder engagement is the process through which an organisation involves its stakeholders (financial community, employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, etc.) in the responsible and effective management of its business.

Stakeholders map

The map above shows the main categories of stakeholders we have identified, taking into account our responsibilities in their regard, their influence on corporate governance and/or performance, and their proximity, significance and authority.

We forge relationships with these stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations and listen to their point of view with regard to what we do, the results achieved and future plans. We consider their contribution to be essential for defining our sustainable strategies and shared improvement paths, on which mutually satisfying relationships are based, which are essential for maintaining and enhancing our success over time and contributing to the economic growth and social development of the communities in which we operate.

In addition to the various forms of dialogue and discussion held with the individual categories of internal and external stakeholders and conducted with different and specific aims (satisfaction, brand perception, effective communication, etc.), we believe that multi-stakeholder meetings focused on a specific theme are particularly useful.

Indeed, dialogue between people who all care about certain issues and objectives, but who at the same time have interests and expectations that are only partly overlapping, can encourage the mind to open up to new and more efficient/effective solutions, thanks to the contribution, not just of ideas, but also of the different experiences and skills that each person brings to the table. For this reason, especially in this time of great change for our Group and the consequent redefinition of our sustainability strategy, we intend to increase the frequency of these opportunities to exchange views, on the basis of which fruitful and lasting collaborations are initiated.

Similarly, in an area such as CSR where cooperation is a distinctive and essential element for maximising the results, we consider it important to participate in national and international networks and initiatives by the insurance industry or indeed multi-sector groupings, which facilitate constant dialogue on various relevant issues. Of particular interest is the participation in working groups where the purpose of the exchange of ideas and experiences is to achieve concrete results, such as the definition of guidelines and common approaches.

This open-mindedness and willingness to consider different opinions and suggestions will increasingly characterise the relationships within the Group, creating ways of working that promote the experiences of the different countries/companies and listen more closely to the most common needs expressed in the context of meetings, workshops and various different opportunities for dialogue, with the goal of building together shared, practical and useful paths for the Group.

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