Work-life balance

Alongside the Group approach which, as mentioned, will be developed in the next few months, in many countries there are tools for improving the integration of people in the workplace by helping them to overcome problems related to managing commitments outside of the workplace.

These work-life balance tools include flexible working hours, horizontal and vertical part-time roles and company crèches, present in Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Germany (where there is also an infant school). In some overseas Group companies telecommuting is also a possibility.

In accordance with the law, National Collective Bargaining Agreements and supplementary agreements in force at each company, Group employees are entitled to take paid leave for: marriage, the death of a relative, pregnancy, breastfeeding, maternity/paternity leave, children's illnesses, medical appointments and tests, study, care for disabled relatives and giving blood. Subject to the corporate organisational requirements, workers are also granted paid leave, leave with compensatory working time and banking hours, which can be taken in hours or fractions of working days.

In Italy, we double the number of hours of paid leave granted to employees with disabilities and employees with children under three years of age or with serious disabilities. Our conditions as regards leave for medical appointments and treatment and study leave are also more favourable than those provided by the laws in force and the sector National Collective Bargaining Agreements. Employees are also entitled to take periods of unpaid leave of a maximum of 12 months for justified personal or family reasons.

In Austria, we were certified as family-friendly until 2015 because of our advanced work-life balance policies.

In Germany, through Generali Versicherung AG and Dialog we have been awarded the Audit Beruf und Familie (family-friendly certificate), a quality mark that the not-for-profit Hertie foundation, with the endorsement of the Federal Ministry of the Economy, awards to companies with outstanding work-life balance policies.

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