Talent management

At Generali we strive to attract open, flexible people that are able to work in an international context and to manage cultural diversity and complexities; people that are passionate about their work, able to fulfil their potential and actively contribute to the growth of the Group through their own personal growth.

At international level, we promote Generali as one of the most attractive employers of choice, which selects the best profiles in line with the typical requirements of one of the world’s leading groups.

We want to integrate people with different cultural and educational backgrounds in order to acknowledge and share the value of their diversity. To this end we adopt an inclusive approach that seeks to give tangible form to the belief that cooperation and exchange between different cultures and the exchange of expertise and experiences are crucial for a leading global business.

We are committed to hiring highly qualified people, following a recruitment process based on the principles of honesty and impartiality.

The recruitment, hiring, training, assessment and professional growth of our employees is based purely on merit and individual performance. None of these processes or related decisions are influenced by factors such as race, ethnicity, religion/creed, sexual orientation, marital status or political beliefs.

All of our employees are hired with regular employment contracts as we do not tolerate any form of illicit work, exploitation, forced, mandatory or child labour. On establishing a working relationship and during the course of same, we provide our employees with information on legal and pay-related issues. In addition, for the duration of our working relationship we provide our employees with all of the information they need to be able to understand the nature and the terms of the job they have been given so they can carry it out to a suitable level.

Employee recruitment is coordinated by the Group Recruitment, Selection and Employer Branding department and managed with the support of the Business Partner Human Resources departments of the various Group companies.
The Recruitment, Selection and Employer Branding department guarantees the timely and effective coverage of vacant positions with suitably qualified people through the monitoring of recruitment channels and the use of advanced selection and assessment tools.
More specifically, it develops contacts and promotes initiatives to raise awareness of Generali’s Employer Branding, highlighting the distinctive features that make it attractive to promising young people and competitive in relation to other businesses on the Italian and international job market. The key factors that persuade talented young professionals to work for the Group include: its reputation, the salary and related benefits (particularly pension contributions and health insurance), its work-private life balance policies, the opportunities for international mobility, the opportunities for professional growth through training, career opportunities, job security, the positive atmosphere in the workplace, the company’s ethics and culture, and the sustainability policies adopted by the Group.

We adopt talent attraction policies and brand promotion policies by organising or participating in career guidance days that seek to put companies in contact with young graduates.

Ideal candidates must have a good academic background and a good degree completed in a relatively short space of time, good English and preferably also another foreign language, a great willingness to travel both nationally and internationally, good problem solving and customer service skills, and an openness to change and cooperation. For positions of high added value, priority is given to those with postgraduate degrees.

The skills requested of new hires continuously raise the overall education level of the workforce, where 42% of employees now have at least an undergraduate degree.

To guarantee educational training in line with the corporate needs and expectations, we sponsor initiatives and work with universities and institutes that organise master’s degree courses in economics/finance and law. In addition, we also finance several scholarships for high-potential students and launch internship schemes with universities and post-graduate training institutions for undergraduates writing their dissertations and graduates, to enable them to acquire experience and make positive contacts with a view to developing the working relationship in the future. Finally, we also draft suitable professional development plans for specific positions of particular technical content (actuaries, analysts, sales force, etc.).

The success of the recruitment and selection activities is also due in part to a consolidated assessment process aimed at guaranteeing quality in the search for new staff, and an effective induction process aimed at facilitating the integration of new hires in the working context.

In Austria, for the third year in a row, Generali won the Careers Best Recruiters award for best company in the management of personnel selection processes.

Talent Days

In 2013, the Talent Days initiative was held for the first time in Italy. Dedicated to children of employees of between 18 and 28 years of age, this one-day workshop provided professional guidance on active job searching techniques.
The primary goal of the initiative was to meet young adults of potential interest to the company and, together, to provide our employees, and in particular their children taking their first steps in the working world, with useful information to increase their effectiveness and give them a greater chance of success in the personnel selection.

Organised by the HR Community Academy (the network of HR managers), the workshop was attended by 150 young adults, confirmation of the significant interest it managed to generate.
The educators, Academy experts and HR managers of important companies, not all of which belonging to the Generali Group, described their experiences and provided practical advice on the most appropriate professional training path for familiarising the youths with the most innovative tools for entering an increasingly selective and demanding job market. In fact, the Talent Days focus the attention on the 2.0 Generation, which includes young adults brought up in the digital age, in the constant contradictions in entering a job market which imposes flexible employment regulations whilst at the same time representing a great opportunity for Italy.

The directors and managers were then available to answer the questions of participants, correct their CV’s and simulate job interviews. Thanks to the opportunity they were given to familiarise themselves with the different approaches adopted by the businesses to the selection, training and management of talented young adults, the workshops succeeded in giving the candidates hope but also confidence with regard to their forthcoming entry into the working world.

When selecting candidates for managerial positions we use specialised companies and publish advertisements in newspapers and on insurance and finance websites.

More specifically, for all Top Management roles we use the criteria adopted by the new Group Performance Management & Talent Review process and adopt succession plans. The main criterion for the definition of succession plans is readiness, i.e. the speed with which a potential successor is ready to cover a specific role. We evaluate successors according to the potential/ performance matrix, taking account of skills and leadership, learning agility (i.e. the ability to adapt and willingness to learn new skills), professional aspirations and results achieved. We base our decisions on the professional profile of candidates and the experience they have acquired both within and outside of the Group.

The Group retention level is high: on average, our employees have a seniority of 12 years and over half (53.6%) have worked for the Group for over 10 years.

The negative staff turnover rate, calculated as the total number of contract terminations as a percentage of the total workforce at the beginning of the year, was 10.3% (only slightly higher, 11.3%, for women), while the voluntary redundancy rate was just 3.2% (3.5% in 2012).

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