Leadership model

The major changes that the Group has undergone in the last two years have also, as a matter of course, led to substantial changes in terms of our people, the key players in this strategic change.

We identified the leadership model as a priority action area, the goal being to create a top-level organisation that optimises business and operating synergies. To this end we have defined a coherent system of governance based on three key aspects:

  • geography, which was separated into three dimensions: Head Office, regions and countries;
  • functional excellence;
  • business excellence, through the product, distribution and customer segmentation.

The new leadership model seeks to support the Group strategy through:

  • the creation and definition of global organisational guidelines and principles to develop and maintain the highest standards of organisational efficiency and efficacy;
  • the promotion of a coherent global Group organisational structure, leveraging on economies of scale and professional expertise and optimising synergies;
  • the development of the organisational transparency, clarity and coherence of the entire Group;
  • the monitoring, control and direction of the main organisational dynamics and the development of the strategic planning of the workforce at Group level.

We aim to foster a cultural change among our people, in line with the Group strategy and goals.

We guarantee transparent promotion and career development processes through the implementation of consistent performance management and talent review systems in order to drive the development of each individual as regards their role, responsibilities and potential, balancing these factors with our business priorities. Another of our goals is to guarantee managerial continuity, promoting the internationalisation of the Group.

With these goals in mind we have developed the Global Leadership Group (GLG), a team consisting of around 200 strategic roles that have a major impact on the Group business results. The GLG was identified as a reference for the global implementation of a new remuneration system (both short- and long-term), a new leadership model and a new performance and talent management process, which includes the succession plans for the members of the GLG and their successors.

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