International mobility

In line with our international profile, in 2013 we launched an International Mobility programme in order to drive the internationalisation of the Group and support our new business strategy. The key elements of the programme are:

  • centralized and disciplined processes;
  • central budget for reallocation of costs for an overall investment of 12.5 million euro in 4 years;  a new International Mobility Policy;
  • quotas of expats allocated to countries/regions;
  • an IT tool dedicated to mobility.

The first results of the programme have already achieved: in 2013 there were 274 employees on the international mobility scheme thanks to 80 new assignments launched during the year, a 70% increase compared with 2012. Also of some significance was the increase in the number of assignments given to women, which rose from 23% to 35%, reflecting the Group’s attention to gender equality and its commitment to increasing diversity.

The main drivers for international transfers were organisational requirements and the need for individual development.

All employees that speak English and have the necessary professional requisites can join the programme.

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