Group training

We regard training, professional re-education and knowledge sharing as crucial elements for supporting the profound transformation process taking place.

As mentioned, we are working on the definition of a leadership training programme for each category of employee. In fact, the Group strategies through to 2015 require a new commitment to people and the development of new managerial and technical expertise.

In 2013 we launched a project for a new Group Corporate University which supports this cultural and strategic change at Group level.

The new Group Corporate University, which will carry out its first activities in the summer of 2014, will be a key pillar in the leadership development strategy:

  • developing and strengthening the new leadership capabilities required to achieve the 2015 strategic goals;
  • fostering the sharing of and alignment over the 2015 strategic priorities and the new Group culture;
  • identifying and developing talented people in structured succession processes;
  • supporting career paths, both functional and managerial, with the development of the necessary skills;
  • activating a digital platform that makes it possible to share good practices and which supports training activities, also supplementing it with suitable assessment tools;
  • supporting a process to guarantee the consistency and harmonisation of the training programmes in various geographical locations and departments;
  • contributing to attracting and retaining talent and making the Generali Group an employer of choice.

During this transitional phase new editions of some of the existing training programmes were developed, including the Ulysses Programme, the Solvency II Group Training Programme and the Internal Audit Programme. Of particular note was the resumption of the Marco Polo programme, aimed at employees that embark on international mobility programmes, and the launch of an on boarding initiative for new hires at the Head Office, which also includes a training module on the key principles of insurance. We also provided training on Project Risk Identification and Management (PRIMa), designed to implement the new Group risk management system.

At local level, in all countries in which the Group operates, we have introduced language, IT, legal (privacy, anti-money laundering, administrative liability, health and safety, etc.) and commercial training programmes as well as initiatives to develop technical expertise and managerial and behavioural skills.

The number of Group employees and members of the sales force not on the payroll involved in at least one training programme during the year exceeded 162,000 units, 5.8% down compared with the previous year for a total percentage of 81.4% of the workforce. More specifically, 82.8% of employees (93.8% of managers, 74.8% of middle managers, 69.5% of office workers and 100% of sales staff) and 80.5% of the sales force not on the payroll took part in training courses.

All in all we provided over 6 million hours of training, 2.6 million hours of which to female employees. The average number of hours of training per capita was 30.3 hours (32.6 in 2012), a fall of 7.1% compared with 2012. The average number of hours of training provided to female employees also fell to 29.4 hours per capita (-8.5% compared with the previous year).

We invested 77.5 million euro in training at an average expense per employee of 389 euro, an increase of 1.0% and 2.6% respectively compared with 2012.

In France, the integrated training program for newly hired people, includes a section devoted to sustainability issues. Such topics will be added to an e-learning training course for people already employed, which will be disseminated as from 2015.

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