Human capital development processes

We have defined our employee management policies with the aim of focusing maximum attention on human capital, our most important intangible asset.

To help our employees to grow we use structured management processes, applied from the moment they join the company, which are designed to motivate and develop their skills through the diversification of professional experience, training, the definition of goals, involvement in initiatives that facilitate integration and company wellbeing. Mobility processes and job rotation are of fundamental importance during corporate restructuring processes - such as the one taking place in Country Italy - and involve the creation of structured professional conversion initiatives in order to support those resources that are moved to new positions.

More specifically, in order to retain valuable young professionals we use development programmes in which they are assigned with roles of growing responsibility, which provide the necessary training support required to develop their technical-professional and behavioural skills.

To support the development of our people we are working on the definition of a leadership training programme for each of the different categories of employees and we plan to increase their sense of belonging to the Group.

We leverage on our values and on the international profile of the Group to implement consistent processes and tools for our human resources with the goal of identifying, developing and retaining our people. On the basis of these premises, human resources processes are defined in such a way as to support the Group strategy in accordance with our mission, vision and values.

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