The Group approach

We have adopted an integrated approach in the management of human resources designed to create an inclusive working environment that encourages the expression of individual potential, using it as a strategic lever in order to meet organisational goals.

We plan to implement a method of managing people which, based on the conscious awareness of diversity, is able to generate a cultural change that makes it possible to capitalize on plural perspectives and inclusiveness.

Our main goal for the 2014-2016 period is to strongly promote the diversity&inclusion (D&I) strategy, accelerating the definition of policies and guidelines at global level, including the key concepts and relative performance indicators in our practical activities in the area of human resources management, and investing in the implementation of training programmes.

To meet this goal, priority will be given to "visible D&I indicators" such as: gender, nationality and age. However, we want to go beyond this and in subsequent phases expertise, working skills and mental approaches will also be included, as we have already established in our Leaders of the Future expertise model.

In 2013 the Group COO was appointed Group Chief D&I Sponsor, with responsibility for supporting the diversity strategy and its implementation, and the Head of Leadership Training was appointed Group HR D&I Officer, with responsibility for defining the policies and implementing them in all countries in which the Group operates.

From an operational perspective, the HR Directors will appoint Country HR D&I Officers; in addition, a D&I Advisory Board, made up of the key figures in charge of D&I, will define the strategies and regularly monitor their implementation and efficacy. When the Group D&I approach has been established, it will be communicated to the Global HR Business Partners to get their feedback, thoughts and proposals.

Three main action areas have been identified:

  1. increase the number of people with outstanding professional experience in the international arena;
  2. increase female presence in leadership positions;
  3. reduce the average age of those in leadership roles, increasing the variety of experience and expertise.

The relative indicators are currently being defined and will be disseminated in 2014.

D&I is also one of the key issues that will be included in all Leadership Training Programmes on the verge of being defined and launched in the second half of 2014.

As regards multicultural D&I, experience in different fields is a characteristic that will be further developed to enable people to work in an increasingly complex and fast-changing environment.

Some of the most relevant initiatives include:

  • the Marco Polo programme, which will have 4 new editions in 2014, is important for understanding the importance of the cultural levers at the base of different work and communication styles. The programme is not only dedicated to people that participate in internal mobility initiatives, but also to new hires deployed overseas;
  • the Pangea on-line programme is being updated and will be redefined by 2014 so the majority of people that work for the Group can acquire the skills required to promote the development of a multicultural environment.

As regards gender D&I, a number of focus groups were held involving women from the talent pipeline in order to understand and define the key moments in their career paths at the Group. An important meeting was also held with the female managers who participate in the Generali Leadership Group. In this way it was possible to define the challenges that will allow us to develop our business and improve our performances in an inclusive working environment. Specific training activities will be developed on the basis of these results and launched in 2014.

In Austria, the Charta of Diversity was adopted in 2013, highlighting the importance of diversity, equal opportunities, integration and inclusion among all internal and external stakeholders, as well as the daily commitment to creating a collaborative climate of reciprocal acceptance and trust.

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