Fight against corruption

As mentioned, the issue of corruption in its various forms is addressed in the Code of Conduct and its Group rules, as well as in other tools (policies, guidelines, regulations and practices.

Respect for human rights

The main areas of influence where, by adhering to the commitments as a result of participation in the UN Global Compact initiative, we are required to respect and promote fundamental human rights are composed of our employees and the supply chain.

Main social and environmental risks and opportunities

Our objective is to identify the risks and opportunities in relation to topics that constitute the core of social responsibility and on which it is important to take a stance and work to build pathways to continuous improvement.

Charter of Sustainability Commitment

The Charter of Sustainability Commitments is a new document that was created at the request of Top Management to communicate in a transparent and timely manner our commitment as responsible Group, which was approved by the Board of Directors and publicly adopted.

Ethical Guidelines for Investments

In view of the fact that investment is part of the core business and therefore needs to be reflected as a matter of priority in the Group ethical commitment, for a number of years now, we have decided to adopt investment policies designed to influence the conduct of the issuing companies in which we invest.

Ethical Code for suppliers

One of the purposes of the Code of Conduct is to promote a culture of sustainability within all of the Group spheres of influence, with particular reference to employees, customers and suppliers.
With regard to suppliers, the Code specifically refers to supplier selection process, which must be based on the principles of free competition, fairness, transparency and quality of products and services. Quality is also assessed in consideration of compliance with international ethical principles on labour and human rights and the environmental impact caused.

Code of Conduct

Among the documents mentioned above, the Code of Conduct, which replaced the existing Ethical Code of the Group, is of primary importance. The document is supplemented by a system of Group Rules that provide greater operational detail on specific topics, such as the promotion of diversity and inclusion, conflicts of interest and the fight against corruption, personal data protection and the reporting of improper conduct.

Policies and management tools

Over time, the bodies responsible for CSR development have implemented a number of tools that outline the principles and conduct to be observed and the objectives we intend to pursue, which constitute an important reference point for implementing our values as part of our everyday activities. The main tools are as follows:

Bodies for CSR development

The corporate governance system of Assicurazioni Generali is focused on the objective of creating sustainable value over the long term. To achieve this objective, the Company is committed to the pursuit of excellence within the corporate organisation. Safeguarding the robustness, reliability, transparency and professionalism of the Company, combined with an effective business strategy, constitute the system of values the Company has built to pursue its objective of understanding and satisfying the needs of its stakeholders.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our purpose is to actively protect and enhance people’s lives

Actively: we play a proactive and leading role in improving people’s lives through insurance.

Protect: we are dedicated to the heart of insurance - managing and mitigating risks of individuals and institutions.

Enhance: Generali is also committed to creating value.

People: we deeply care about our clients’ and our people’s future and lives.

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