Services for life insurance policyholders

In 2013 we paid a total of 5 billion euro in death and disability claims, which provided financial support to our policyholders and their loved ones during critical times in their lives.

In addition, we paid more than 27.4 billion euro in maturity and surrender proceeds from savings and pensions policies.

The service provided to policyholders

The management of non-life claims is crucial for an insurance company, in which the service provided to the client, the efficiency and technical expertise are of primary importance. In this knowledge, we have organised claim management based on the areas of fundamental technical importance. In each area we have developed the following tools and processes, which play a key role in optimising the claim settlement procedure:

Multi-channels and multi-access services

We are committed to the ongoing development of solutions and initiatives to improve services offered and their accessibility, using an integrated approach. A total of 40 experts and coordinators counts oversee initiatives dedicated to the distribution network.


Socially responsible investment products

To meet the growing demands from clients and the international market, for several years we have also offered investment products that meet SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) criteria.

We have internally developed a proprietary methodology to select socially responsible investments. For each company analyses, the methodology involves:

Products and services with particular social and environmental value

In attempting to provide suitable responses to new needs expressed by our clients and/or the market, while concretely encouraging virtuous behaviour by consumers, we create and develop several products of particular social and/or environmental value.

All insurance products have social value by nature, as they constitute a response to clients’ pension and protection needs. The products with particular social value include:

Engagement and dialogue

Attention to dialogue with clients and analysing the results of the numerous surveys organised periodically is a constant feature of our activities, in place well before the strategic projects currently under way. The surveys on brand perception and customer satisfaction for the products and services offered, as well as the analysis of client/consumer expectations and the reasons for their behaviour have always been the foundation of our development and expansion of our range of products and services, internal organisational processes and communication.

Become a true client centric company program

To become number one in customer satisfaction, a challenging, ambitious goal which is fundamental for achieving our mission, we have launched a specific strategic program.

Commitment to our clients

Our vision and mission places the focus on clients: our activities aim to proactively take care of people’s future and lives through insurance, knowing that we can improve their lives by ensuring well-being, safety, consulting and services.

Deliver on the promise

Our values express our beliefs and are the foundation of our commitment to stakeholders, on which we build the trust needed to maintain long-lasting relationships.

We do not simply make promises to our stakeholders, whether they are employees, clients or investors, but make the utmost effort to ensure that these promises become reality. We intend to gain the trust of our stakeholders and build long-term relationships with them based on their recognition of our actual, positive contribution to improving their lives.

Be open

When defining the paths and individual actions to turn into reality our desire to help improve the lives of people, the ability to take ownership of the value we hold dear is of utmost importance. As previously mentioned, Be Open is a cross-functional value that is applied to all of the Group activities and relationships. This value reflects our willingness to open up to the outside world and listen to their needs, to meet the challenges that the market presents, and to find the best solutions for us and our stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.

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