Group training

We regard training, professional re-education and knowledge sharing as crucial elements for supporting the profound transformation process taking place.

As mentioned, we are working on the definition of a leadership training programme for each category of employee. In fact, the Group strategies through to 2015 require a new commitment to people and the development of new managerial and technical expertise.

In 2013 we launched a project for a new Group Corporate University which supports this cultural and strategic change at Group level.

Remuneration policies and incentive systems

Our remuneration policies reflect our goal of attracting, motivating and retaining people who create concrete advantages for the Group because of their technical and managerial expertise and their different profiles in terms of background, gender and experience. We believe that an effective remuneration policy can strengthen their commitment and compliance with organisational goals consistent with our mission, culture and values.

International mobility

In line with our international profile, in 2013 we launched an International Mobility programme in order to drive the internationalisation of the Group and support our new business strategy. The key elements of the programme are:

Human capital development processes

We have defined our employee management policies with the aim of focusing maximum attention on human capital, our most important intangible asset.

Talent management

At Generali we strive to attract open, flexible people that are able to work in an international context and to manage cultural diversity and complexities; people that are passionate about their work, able to fulfil their potential and actively contribute to the growth of the Group through their own personal growth.

At international level, we promote Generali as one of the most attractive employers of choice, which selects the best profiles in line with the typical requirements of one of the world’s leading groups.

Leadership model

The major changes that the Group has undergone in the last two years have also, as a matter of course, led to substantial changes in terms of our people, the key players in this strategic change.

We identified the leadership model as a priority action area, the goal being to create a top-level organisation that optimises business and operating synergies. To this end we have defined a coherent system of governance based on three key aspects:

Communication within the Group

We believe internal communication is fundamental to the value creation: it is the driver guiding information and engagement activities that are addressed to the Group employees, with the view of sharing and promoting transparency and synergies across geographical areas, business levels and professional skills.

In the last year great emphasis has been placed on direct communications with employees throughout the Group. Many initiatives have been launched to foster the development of digital communications and to promote meetings and dialogue with the Top Management.

Our people

At the end of 2013 our staff was made up of 77,185 people, 48.5% of whom women, compared with 79,454 in 2012. This fall by 2,269 units (-2.9%) is due to the sale of the reinsurance business of the life segment in the United States, stakes in Mexico, and the insurance businesses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus; on a like-for-like basis, the number of employees has remained largely stable (+0.2%).

Value our people

People play a key role in helping to fulfil the Group strategic goals. We believe in the value of our employees and we build the competitive advantage on their expertise, experience and commitment.

To this end we create a corporate environment that is designed to encourage participation and communication, leveraging on programmes to develop the potential of every employee and guaranteeing an open, diversified environment based on trust and respect for values and rights.

Commitment to our shareholders

Making the best use of our shareholders’ investments has proven to be one of our priority interests. Over the last year, we pursued this goal with a revised business policy that assures shareholders the achievement of the set financial targets and higher profitability of the business, as well as a satisfactory economic return for those who have placed their trust in the Generali Group. In confirmation of this, for 2013 the Group has decided to offer shareholders a dividend of 0.45 euro per share, more than double the dividend distributed in 2012.

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