Generali and the environment

We cannot think about improving people’s lives unless we look after the environment in which they live, which is increasingly threatened by heedless and inconsiderate behaviour that risks endangering the key resources and habitability of the planet for the future generations.

Our action areas

Within the general framework described, the initiatives supported are grouped into specific action areas, also because of their relation to our business:

  • health and safety;
  • social and economic inclusion;
  • caring for tomorrow.

Health and safety

Our approach

We are aware of our role in the communities in the over 60 countries where we operate. We represent a key reference for them.

However, we think that since we are a multinational and large Group, we should not just be limited to the concerns of local areas in which Group companies have a presence, but should also enlarge our scope, facing international projects and solving the problem concerning the planet.

Figures for 2013

In the past year, philanthropic initiatives increased by 5.5%, including corporate volunteering, which implement corporate policies to support the needs of the community. This increase demonstrates our ability to respond concretely to the needs of the community, especially in these difficult economic and social times being experienced by many of the countries where we operate.


In addition to donations in cash and in kind, in recent years Generali has started to provide different forms of corporate volunteering, offering its employees the opportunity to perform various activities to help non-profit organisations during working hours.

Donations and commercial sponsorships

The impact on the local community and continuity over time are the criteria that guide the selection of initiatives to be implemented. The approaches adopted are philanthropic and commercial.

Live the community

The community, understood as the social, economic and environmental fabric of society, is the foundation on which we have built our history and our brand recognition.

In the various countries of operation we engage with local communities and over time have built a sound relation to create value and develop their business.

Work-life balance

Alongside the Group approach which, as mentioned, will be developed in the next few months, in many countries there are tools for improving the integration of people in the workplace by helping them to overcome problems related to managing commitments outside of the workplace.

The Group approach

We have adopted an integrated approach in the management of human resources designed to create an inclusive working environment that encourages the expression of individual potential, using it as a strategic lever in order to meet organisational goals.

We plan to implement a method of managing people which, based on the conscious awareness of diversity, is able to generate a cultural change that makes it possible to capitalize on plural perspectives and inclusiveness.

Diversity and inclusion

We improve our employees also through the promotion of diversity, which we regard as an opportunity for enrichment thanks to the contribution they can make to the organisation, and we strive to foster inclusion.

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