Climate change: a global problem

Since we began addressing environmental issues in a more systematic way, there has been a consistent increase in the amount of attention focused on climate change. In fact, one of the commitments outlined in the Environmental Policy of the Group is the integration of preventive measures for the protection of the climate in its strategies. For our sector, the issues related to climate change represent both a risk factor and an opportunity.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissionsWe are well aware that the correct and systematic quantification and reporting of GHG emissions enables the Group to reduce their associated impact, contributing to a reduction in global pollution.


Within the Group, in recent years increasing importance has been given to mobility management, developing and implementing strategies to ensure that personnel and cargo are transported efficiently and sustainably.


Waste collected separatelyIn recent years we have invested heavily in separate waste collection and the recycling of waste as we are aware that nothing must be wasted and that everything can be recycled or reused.


Paper consumptionPaper is still the main material used in insurance and financial activities. For this reason, we are committed to introducing increasing numbers of measures to reduce the consumption of both white paper and printed paper.


Water consumptionWe believe that water is an extremely important resource and we try to use it sparingly at all Group sites. In 2013, 562,898 m3of water was consumed, equal to 17 m3  per capita (-11.6% compared with 2012).


Energy consumptionTo pursue the goal of reducing our direct environmental impact we carry out constant work on our property which, as well as reducing consumption, also improves the wellbeing of those that work there.

The reduction of direct impact

As regards the environmental impact directly associated with our activities, for years we have been working to reduce our consumption of energy, water and paper, to make waste management more efficient, and to improve corporate mobility by reducing travel through the growing use of video and teleconferencing and prioritising the use of public transport or shared transport arrangements.

The tool for managing them: the Environmental Management System

To manage the most significant environmental issues as per the Environmental Policy, we have implemented a Group Environmental Management System (EMS) that respects the requisites of the ISO14001 standard. Around 70 Group company sites in six countries (Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland) are involved in the implementation of the EMS, and these are joined by over 350 local offices in Austria and Spain.

Our approach: objectives and commitments

Five years have passed since we decided to launch a project to address the environmental impact of our activities in a structured way. The progress we have made in this time in terms of reducing this impact and the numerous initiatives launched to encourage our stakeholders to adopt sustainable behaviour demonstrate that our commitment to safeguarding the environment is stronger and more heartfelt than ever.

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