This year we are publishing our tenth Sustainability Report. We are acting with renewed vigour with the intention of providing suitable information on our main activities through which we have expressed our commitment to sustainable business in the last year. We address a wide audience, comprised of our clients, all consumers, our employees and the communities in which we operate, to which we intend to provide information in addition to that provided through the other communications published, targeted to better meet the needs of the financial community.

Letter from the Chairman and Group CEO to stakeholders

2013 was a crucial year for Generali. In a complex economic climate, the Group regained its vitality as a result of a strategy based on discipline, focus and simplicity. By executing the new strategic plan, we achieved significant results and reached several targets set out in the three-year plan ahead of schedule. These results were also achieved due to the Group's transformation - strengthened managerial structure and streamlined, improved governance.

Dividends policy
Dividends (in million euro)701311311701
Dividend per share (in euro)0.450.200.200.45

Prevention and raising awareness: our role

As it is felt that education is a fundamental element in furthering environmentally-sustainable behaviour, for years we have promoted numerous education, awareness and stakeholder dialogue initiatives on environmental issues, directed at both our employees, through various kinds of programmes and schemes, and at our clients and the general public, through awareness campaigns, conferences on the subject, guides and information booklets containing useful advice and suggestions.

Our approach

In the context described, which presents both risks and opportunities, it is important to study catastrophic events with the aid of the most recent technologies, such as the use of catastrophe models to forecast damage, or through the simulation of realistic scenarios that make it possible to quantify the economic and insurance impact of individual events.

Risks and opportunities for insurers

From the studies carried out, we know that the main and the most immediate risk area can already be observed and constitutes the greater frequency and impact of catastrophic events, such as storms and floods. For insurers, who traditionally offer protection for this type of risk, this means an increase in the cost of claims and relative reinsurance - in both the life and non-life segments - and an inevitable increase in premiums as a consequence.

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