In addition to donations in cash and in kind, in recent years Generali has started to provide different forms of corporate volunteering, offering its employees the opportunity to perform various activities to help non-profit organisations during working hours.

We consider corporate volunteering as an important tool because of the positive impact it generates for the community and also for employees and the company. From a business perspective, it represents a valuable tool that fosters relationships between employees and the company, increasing team spirit, enthusiasm, motivation and providing a sense of belonging.

Within the community, volunteering, as well as providing an immediate beneft to the organisations that are targeted by the activity, also serves as a catalyst to promote the culture of social engagement and the exchange of experience and know-how. Corporate volunteering, therefore, allows the company to create lasting relationships that go beyond each individual initiative, multiplying the positive impact.

The volunteering activities performed by our employees can be divided into three main types:

  • skills-based volunteering, when employees provide their expertise to help different entities, from non-profit organisations to schools of every type and level.
  • relationship-based volunteering, when employees take part in recreational activities for the elderly or provide assistance and care to the sick, or work in other areas where interpersonal relationships are central to the activity.
  • general volunteering, which encompasses a variety of activities, such as cleaning, gardening and refurbishing.

In countries where this type of activity is not yet performed in a structured way, initiatives are taken by employees, who collect money, donate assets in kind or join different volunteering activities; in some cases they are spontaneous initiatives, while in others they are promoted by the companies concerned.

An example of this type of approach is Generali Solidario in Portugal, where once a year the Global Solidarity Team comes into action, consisting of more than 250 people, including employees, agents and family. In 2013, over a weekend, the team refurbished the reception area of the Casa da Luz Emergency Centre, a shelter that provides short-term accommodation to 30 high-risk young women aged between 12 and 18 years; Adolfo Coelho House, which offers longer-term accommodation; and the Institute for Social Development, a school aimed at all young people seeking an alternative to the conventional education system in the areas of social services and the arts. Generali’s contribution consisted of organising the day and purchasing the materials needed to complete the works.


In 2013, the desire to spread this kind of initiative led to the creation of a contest of ideas, with the aim of giving all Group employees the opportunity to propose a volunteering project that they would like to see implemented to make a tangible contribution to improving the quality of life in their community.

The Generali Volunteering Challenging Ideas contest, launched on We Generali portal in mid-October, attracted 216 entries from 24 different countries. The winning idea will be developed, in collaboration with the person who proposed it, as a project that the Group will commit to implement.

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