Donations and commercial sponsorships

The impact on the local community and continuity over time are the criteria that guide the selection of initiatives to be implemented. The approaches adopted are philanthropic and commercial.

Our philanthropic initiatives consist mainly of the donation of funds or resources in kind, but the company also performs corporate volunteering activities, through which we provide support to non-profit organisations and/or institutions to provide a social service to the community. Over time we have established long-term relationships with a number of associations and institutional operators. However, we are always open to new collaborations supported by means of occasional donations or a multi-year commitment, in the case of projects with a broader scope.

Even when selecting commercial initiatives to support the Group’s brand and image, we prefer sponsorships that allow the continuation of high-value artistic, scientific or sports activities, offering the community opportunities to enjoy performing arts, culture and entertainment. Some of these initiatives are able to seamlessly combine commercial objectives with a social and/ or environmental purpose.

One example is the French Observatoire Atmosphérique Generali project, launched in 2013 in collaboration with AIRPARIF (Air quality monitoring network) and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research).
Over the next five years, a balloon will fly in the skies above Paris, promoting the Generali brand and fulfilling a scientific and educational purpose. The Observatoire Atmosphérique is the first flying urban laboratory, which will allow scientists to precisely study the quality of the air at an altitude of 150 metres, in real time, 24 hours a day. Measurements are captured using an instrument developed by the CNRS that is installed in the balloon and is able to pick up even ultrafine particulate matter (PM), the most harmful form, and to provide information about their size and nature in relation to their altitude.
Thanks to equipment that collect the data and send them to the processing centre at AIRPARIF, the people on board can see colourful pictograms of the vehicles and monuments of Paris that change colour depending on the level of air pollution. An information pavilion completes the educational element of the initiative.
A total of about 6,000 students per year can climb on board the hot air balloon and visit the information pavilion for free. This experience allows them to better understand the issues related to air quality and recognise the potential health impact of major pollutants.
At other times of the day, the balloon becomes a paying tourist attraction, that is much appreciated by the public. In 2013, a total of about 50,000 people flew over Paris in the Generali balloon.

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