Prevention and raising awareness: our role

As it is felt that education is a fundamental element in furthering environmentally-sustainable behaviour, for years we have promoted numerous education, awareness and stakeholder dialogue initiatives on environmental issues, directed at both our employees, through various kinds of programmes and schemes, and at our clients and the general public, through awareness campaigns, conferences on the subject, guides and information booklets containing useful advice and suggestions.

More specifically, documents, guidelines and information about current social and environmental initiatives are provided on the majority of corporate intranets. There are also posters and brochures in public areas designed to raise the awareness of employees as regards respect for the environment, saving energy, reducing the consumption of paper and water, and separate waste collection aimed at reusing and recycling natural resources.

There is the tendency everywhere to provide an increasing number of training courses via e-learning, which has a dual benefit for the environment: a decrease in the consumption of paper linked to the distribution of hard copies, and the reduction in CO2 emissions by reducing journeys.

Events and meetings with the community are also organised in order to communicate and get people’s opinions.

Since 2013, in Germany Generali Deutschland has supported various initiatives for the protection of the climate such as Wirtschaft pro Klima (pro climate economy), promoted by the Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management e.V. (BAUM) association (German environmental management association). Member companies of the association must insert information on their climate protection actions in a public database. Furthermore, through the VfU – Verein fur Umweltmanagement und Nachhaltigkeit in Finanzinstituten e.V. (association for environmental management and sustainability in financial institutions), Generali has become a member of the Climate Change Finance Forum, a research and dialogue platform that aims to promote cooperation with the German Ministry of Education, Research and Technology (BMBF).

In Italy, as part of Sustainable and Responsible Investment Week promoted by Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile (FFS), Assicurazioni Generali organised the conference Climate Change - Assicurazione, Finanza e Impresa: le vie del cambiamento (Climate Change - Insurance, Finance and Business: the ways of change) together with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of climate risks and to provide an upto- date overview of the changes taking places, also underlining how the costs incurred to mitigate them right now are actually an investment that will lead to major savings, for both the public and private sector, when the effects of climate change become manifest. A round table involved the large public present - around 150 people, including many students - demonstrating the commitment that the authorities (Ministry of the Environment), businesses (Generali Investments Europe) and non-profit organisations (CDP Europe and WWF) have made in this area with the common goal of transforming the risks connected with climate change into opportunities for development and improving living conditions, in the knowledge that the future of our planet is in the balance.

The conference was followed by a stakeholder engagement meeting involving representatives of the authorities, of non-profit organisations, and of consumers and businesses, as well as lecturers, researchers, etc.. The goal of the meeting was to acquire feedback on the activities that Generali is carrying out in the environmental sphere in order to receive suggestions on how to improve its approach to the issue.

Another important initiative was launched by Generali Real Estate, which decided to make the Maciachini Business Center (Milan), an investment property, a more modern, efficient and sustainable place. The complex was completely refurbished; more specifically, the fluorescent lights in the common areas (external sheltered areas, halls, stairs and garages) were replaced with LED devices, which make it possible to increase the energy efficiency of the lighting system. This measure involved the replacement of around 1,000 lighting devices with a reduction in the electricity requirement of around 52%, an annual saving of around 38,000 euro and a reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 95 tonnes/year.

A communications campaign was also created to inform and raise the awareness of residents in the complex about the benefits of the restructuring process, a key decision in terms of budget, quality of life and the environment. The communications campaign involved the positioning of totems in common areas that illustrated the reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions and the longer life of LED lighting. A brochure was also distributed to all tenants in order to raise awareness of the benefits obtained from the new technologies.

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