Our approach: objectives and commitments

Five years have passed since we decided to launch a project to address the environmental impact of our activities in a structured way. The progress we have made in this time in terms of reducing this impact and the numerous initiatives launched to encourage our stakeholders to adopt sustainable behaviour demonstrate that our commitment to safeguarding the environment is stronger and more heartfelt than ever.

The Environmental Policy of the Generali Group, which is applicable to all of the Group companies, contains the objectives and commitments that shape our decisions and actions with the aim of positively contributing to the environment in which we live and safeguarding its natural resources for the future generations. It was by thinking of tomorrow’s men and women that we were able to identify the objectives contained in the document to try and reduce our direct environmental impact, connected with the Group insurance and financial activities, and our indirect impact, associated with the supply chain, commercial activities and corporate and investment activities.

We feel that we have to take action on both fronts: in fact, even if insurance activities do not have a particularly significant impact on the environment, because of the size of the Group we could substantially reduce our direct impact if we managed our activities in an optimal manner. Moreover, by taking suitable measures we can encourage the adoption of environmentally sustainable behaviours in our spheres of influence, particularly among our clients/consumers, suppliers and the companies in which we invest.

To satisfy the new requirements and to promote environmentallysustainable practices among our clients, we develop and provide products and services with a particular environmental value such as coverage for the losses caused by natural disasters, earthquake coverage as part of household insurance policies and, as regards motor insurance, policies that reward drivers with low mileage (pay as you drive) and discounts for drivers of hybrid vehicles.

We also want to encourage virtuous behaviour in our supply chain and for this reason we have introduced a few environmental criteria in the assessment of suppliers, giving priority to those with environmental policies or certification.

Finally, in our investment activities we exclude companies that are involved in episodes of serious environmental damage from our investment universe in order to avoid involvement in business that is not in line with our principles and, at the same time, to promote the adoption of environmentally-sustainable behaviour at issuing companies.

We want our environmental approach to be as transparent as possible, acting as promoters of change. For this reason, since 2010 we have been a signatory of the Climate Change Programme run by the CDP, the prestigious British organisation that represents 767 investors across the world for a total of 92,000 billion dollars of assets managed. This programme seeks to disclose and assess the actions taken by organisations to improve efficiency, reduce costs and promote the business opportunities that stem from energy management, CO2 emissions and climate change. The Generali Group recorded an important milestone in September when it was included in the CDP Global 500 Climate Performance Leadership Index, created by CDP for companies that stand out for the reporting of their emissions and the improvements they have made in reducing them. In 2013 we recorded a score of 87/100 for disclosure and were included in band A for our performances (in 2012 we had recorded a score of 80/100 and were in band B) thanks to the positive action taken to mitigate climate change, with particular reference to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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