Socially responsible investment products

To meet the growing demands from clients and the international market, for several years we have also offered investment products that meet SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) criteria.

We have internally developed a proprietary methodology to select socially responsible investments. For each company analyses, the methodology involves:

  • the analysis of 34 environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, reviewed and updated annually, allocating related scores;
  • the mapping of non-financial risks that may have an impact on the price of company shares (e.g. reputational risk and damage to brand image, class actions, legislative pressure, competitive advantage, intangible capital and carbon footprint) and the way in which they are regarded by corporate policies;
  • the comparison of previous analysis results with the benchmark SRI universe, consisting of more than 200 European companies, resulting from the selection of the most "virtuous" companies;
  • integration of financial criteria for the final selection of the companies identified.

A team of five expert analysts, supported by a scientific committee, selects securities from the best companies in terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development policies, also by means of a process of dialogue aimed at improving the performance of the companies considered, where necessary.

This approach led to the creation of an internal database called S.A.R.A. (Sustainability Analysis of Responsible Assets), through which several dedicated funds have been established, including the fund under Luxembourg law Generali Investments SICAV S.A.R.A. S.R.I. and the GIS European S.R.I. Equity fund. Specifically, in September 2013 the latter investment fund was awarded the important Novethic SRI Label, which Novethic, the leading French SRI Research Centre, uses to recognise the systematic application of ESG criteria in the investment process, the impact on the selection of issuers and on the quality of the resulting portfolio.

Our range of SRI products also includes the AIR (Agir pour l’Investissement Responsable) savings product, developed in collaboration with Generali Patrimoine on the basis of a selection of six thematic, long-term funds chosen based on a rigorous and transparent assessment process which also considered non-financial risks.

Currently, the methodology to select socially responsible investments is applied to 22 billion euro in assets under management.

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