The service provided to policyholders

The management of non-life claims is crucial for an insurance company, in which the service provided to the client, the efficiency and technical expertise are of primary importance. In this knowledge, we have organised claim management based on the areas of fundamental technical importance. In each area we have developed the following tools and processes, which play a key role in optimising the claim settlement procedure:

  • a highly-specialised organisational model for claims, implemented to achieve excellence in claim management;
  • human capital enhancement, through the training of assigned personnel and ongoing cooperation among the various technical functions involved;
  • automation and digitalisation of procedures;
  • systematic controls to ensure value creation for all of our stakeholders;
  • specialised technical areas, identified to provide accurate responses on important issues in managing the customer relationship, such as anti-fraud measures, management of injury claims, disputes and recoveries;
  • continuous improvement of the Customer Experience, by innovating procedures and customer service.

Specifically, in 2013 the Global Claims unit was created in the Head Office, which works closely with the local business units to ensure that Group guidelines are defined and best practices are followed in claim management. This unit is mainly in charge of:

  • identifying and sharing best practices, supporting the companies in implementing them;
  • constantly monitoring the management of non-life claims at local level and identifying any areas for improvement;
  • checking the progress and quality of the service through regular meetings with the companies to assess the trends and performance, in order to guarantee their adequacy with regard to the set standards;
  • identifying and developing talents, including them in work teams and pilot projects that enable them to develop new skills and specific experience in on-the-job training.

Based on the initiatives organised and the models implemented, we have defined Group technical guidelines for claim management, which set the standard for our clients in terms of the service provided and the efficiency of the procedures for claim settlement.

In 2013, we dedicated a total of 7,500 people to claim management procedures, which include over 600 loss adjustors and more than 200 specialists in fraud fighting. These structures manage over 10 billion euro in payments each year.

Flood emergency

In 2013, following the flooding in Central-Eastern Europe, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, the Generali Group demonstrated its ability to promptly take action to deal with the damage caused by the weather and quickly pay policyholders. The following were implemented to respond to the emergency: a task force of technicians in the most affected areas, services available 24-7 and special measures for claim settlement, in addition to several volunteer initiatives by employees.

In Austria, specifically, a 24-7 hotline was set up and a guide was published on the website explaining to clients how to proceed. In Germany, some of the staff in charge of claim settlement worked directly in the affected areas and, in some cases, crisis units were set up in specific geographical areas. In the Czech Republic, we have made available cash advances on claim settlements so that policyholders can promptly handle difficulties, and telephone and social media (Facebook and Twitter) channels have been activated to inform inhabitants about claim settlement procedures.

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