Products and services with particular social and environmental value

In attempting to provide suitable responses to new needs expressed by our clients and/or the market, while concretely encouraging virtuous behaviour by consumers, we create and develop several products of particular social and/or environmental value.

All insurance products have social value by nature, as they constitute a response to clients’ pension and protection needs. The products with particular social value include:

  • the Dread Disease and Long Term Care policies, which involve the payment of a lump sum or annuity in the event of serious illness or to cover the cost of care as a result of the loss of self-sufficiency;
  • policies associated with medical prevention, such as those that set regular check-ups as incentives for health protection;
  • policies that meet the needs of specific categories of clients, such as young people, the elderly, the disabled, immigrants, the unemployed, young business owners and people involved in volunteer activities. In 2013 a new product was launched in Germany for people between 18 and 27 years of age, providing life and non-life coverage, which permits clients to change the risks covered each year based on their changing individual needs, i.e. as a result of entering the job market, buying a home or starting a family. In Spain, an accident product was launched which reimburses expenses clients incur in modifying their cars or homes to meet new needs as a result of disability due to an accident, and in the Czech Republic individual medical equipment such as wheelchairs or insulin injectors can be included in household insurance policies;
  • policies that reward or penalise clients based on their behaviour in relation to specific risks;
  • microinsurance projects which provide access to basic insurance products also for persons who could otherwise be excluded. These initiatives express our commitment to improving the lives and supporting the social and economic development of the persons in the most difficulty.
    Specifically, over the last few years in India agreements have been signed with leading microcredit institutions to provide coverage of medical expenses and injuries to a large number of low income people. Furthermore, in 2012 Future Generali launched Future Sampoorna Suraksha, a microinsurance product tailored to the specific needs of inhabitants of rural areas and the outskirts of cities, which includes guarantees to cover the costs of hospitalisation, injuries and buildings. Through these products, in 2013 insurance coverage was provided to a total of almost 139,000 people in India.

To guarantee the quality of our products and services also in terms of environmental sustainability and to favour eco-compatible behaviour of clients, we design and distribute products and services with particular environmental value.

In the businesses segment we intend to engage the insured companies not only in complying with environmental protection laws but also in effectively preventing risks, making the provision of insurance coverage conditional to certain minimum measures, and suitably modulating the cost based on the measures adopted. To this end, the underwriting policy for property and third-party liability risks involves careful assessment of companies with high social and environmental risk and the provision of preventative consulting for the purpose of ensuring that the client adopts suitable safety measures to reduce exposure to risks. When gaps are found in the form and/or substance of the prevention measures adopted, premium increases are applied and, in the most serious cases, the insurance coverage may not be issued.

The following products with particular environmental value for companies are important:

  • third-party liability policies for pollution to cover the reimbursement of costs for emergency or temporary measures to prevent or limit compensable damages;
  • policies for financial losses as a result of pollution damage;
  • policies covering equipment for the production of renewable energy;
  • discounted prices to companies that are certified under EMAS and ISO14001.

Agir pour notre avenir label

Agir pur notre avenir labelIn France, Generali offers small and medium enterprises a free assessment of performance and risk control standards based on various analysis criteria, some of which pertain to sustainable development.

Following the assessment, the company is allocated a score. A score of 15/20 or higher earns the company the Agir pour notre avenir (Take action for our future) label specially created by Generali.

This quality label provides many benefits, including discounts of up to 30% on insurance premiums, advantageous three-year terms even in the event of a claim and additional services.


Our attention to eco-sustainable behaviour is also focused on the segment of individual clients, through:

  • motor third-party liability policies providing discounts for clients insuring "green" vehicles or those expected to have low annual mileage;
  • policies covering equipment for the production of renewable energy to cover weather damage to solar or photovoltaic panels or similar equipment. Such policies may be expanded to include cover for lost profit deriving from interruption or reduction in the production of electricity;
  • policies covering catastrophic damages caused by natural disasters;
  • consulting provided to clients to identify any opportunities to optimise the energy consumption in their homes.

Our commitment to increasing customers satisfaction also translates into the ongoing development of solutions and initiatives to improve services offered. To reach a greater number of clients and facilitate contact, we have combined online methods with traditional communications tools.

Using the constantly updated websites of the insurance companies, users can:

  • identify agencies and claim settlement offices;
  • obtain information on products, cover and contractual terms and conditions;
  • obtain updated estimates;
  • forward complaints.

In certain cases the service offered via the web also provides information on claim management procedures, allows users to request a consultation and provide a reserved area where clients can manage their insurance position in a completely confidential, secure manner.

The call centres are an additional point of contact providing remote support to clients and extended opening hours. The call centres provide the following:

  • information and assistance;
  • information on after-sales services;
  • company website navigation support;
  • timely responses to reports of poor service.

Moreover, certain Group companies can provide quotations, advice and assistance in completing the claim report and information on the claim settlement process via telephone.

To facilitate communications with clients and guarantee a service that is always available in terms of space and time, as well as functional for both clients and our sales force, we continue to implement IT projects to develop apps for smartphones and tablets. Using this method, our clients can:

  • view their insurance positions;
  • locate the nearest authorised body shop and request roadside assistance;
  • report claims and submit the related documentation.

In certain cases, apps provide users with access to additional services, such as calendars that allow the user to enter the deadlines, estimating blood-alcohol rate by entering physical data and the number of drinks consumed, and measuring fuel consumption and recording the position of the vehicle through geolocation.

We have set up multiple channels so that clients can contact us and send their complaints using the methods best suited to their needs at the time.

In 2013 we received a total of slightly more than 51,700 complaints, of which only one-third were accepted. Nonetheless, we took all the complaints received into consideration, because we believe that each of these provides an opportunity to improve not only our service, but also the customer experience. We are open to receiving criticism and suggestions and ready to put our beliefs to the test to meet the needs and expectations demonstrated by our clients.

Tools and processes for complaint management are very similar in all the companies, and enable us to promptly and accurately reply to requests received. The organizational units in charge of complaint management and monitoring the processing of complaints received work with the various business units to quickly reply to requests and to identify possible actions to take to resolve problems which have arisen.

To round out the information/training service provided to clients, we implement many local insurance/financial literacy programs. We send out newsletters and distribute information leaflets to clients and consumers, and periodically update the glossaries and Q&A (frequently asked questions and answers) sections on the websites to make it easier to understand sector terminology and provide accurate information on policies, the most common risks, financial matters and regulatory requirements in clear, understandable language. Several Group companies have developed dedicated micro-sites and on-line videos which, in a spirit of edutainment (education and entertainment), explain the benefits of insurance coverage available in all lines of business and offer tips on how to safely deal with everyday life.

In 2013 in Germany, to increase awareness among consumers, CosmosDirekt created more than 50 Versicherungstipps (insurance tips), published via mass media to provide a widespread audience with general information on certain types of insurance and the most common risks that can be covered by an insurance policy. Furthermore, as regards social media, an important partnership is under way with the on-line portal, where the company has launched a chat service providing impartial advice. In these chat sessions questions on specific insurance-related topics are answered, such as what types of coverage are important for women.

In Italy an exclusive 3D animated short film was made, broadcast through a travelling mini-cinema, whose locations also directly involved the agencies throughout the country. The goal of this initiative was to promote the role of insurance in daily life, to increase awareness of insurance needs.

In the Czech Republic, the financial education programme previously launched in secondary schools, delivered by the Group financial advisors was expanded with a financial game to make learning engaging and fun.

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