Multi-channels and multi-access services

We are committed to the ongoing development of solutions and initiatives to improve services offered and their accessibility, using an integrated approach. A total of 40 experts and coordinators counts oversee initiatives dedicated to the distribution network.


The agencies are the foundation of customer service and, despite the growing importance of new alternative channels, will remain the primary channel in all markets, both mature and rapidly growing markets. In this view, we are working on simplifying the administrative and operational activities of our agents and improving their skills. This will make it possible to develop our consulting services, targeting them to meet clients’ needs and adjusting them to regulatory changes. To this end, in the area of Technical Excellence, we are moving forward with the Group strategic project named Excel in Tied Agents.

The aim of this project is to modernise and improve services offered to clients, working on key factors in the value chain, involving various people in 8 countries where the Group operates (Austria, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary). The main areas being developed are as follows: improving the efficiency of the network and the effectiveness of customer relationships through a targeted consulting approach that identifies and meets specific needs in a personalised manner, and setting up remuneration systems by defining a customer-oriented sales process based on value creation.

At local level, a specific three-year action plan is then defined, based on the above areas for development. These plans are implemented using the instruments and methods set up in the area of Technical Excellence, which include: an international network and team of experts, a Group knowledge exchange platform, workshops, reference guidelines, a manual of best practices, a specific set of indicators and the related monitoring system.

In view of a customer centric business model that focuses on clients and their needs, agents are a crucial channel of contact. For this reason, and based on the guidelines identified by the Excel in Tied Agents project, in recruitment, we select the best qualified and well-skilled people.

Furthermore, the agents’ professional careers are built on structured development and training plans, featuring medium and long-term targets aimed at affirming loyalty and consolidating the relationships. This way, we guarantee that our clients have stable, long-lasting relationships with their agents, based on professionalism and cooperation, while searching for the most suitable solutions to the clients’ needs.

As stated, our clients drive the evolution of sales processes, and are now interested in multiple contact methods, differing based on varying needs. The multi-channel strategy we have adopted to meet customer needs aims to increase and improve customer service, by developing new distribution models that combine various contact methods and provide direct access to the companies’ services through innovative channels. New technologies are also used in this area, which provide greater transparency for all transactions, in compliance with legal requirements.

To renovate the agency model and develop relationships with clients from a multimedia viewpoint, the Enabling true Multichannel Distribution project was launched. This involves about forty managers in 22 countries and investigates the potential provided by new digital tools and on-line solutions to increase clients’ opportunities for access. The goal is to reach the maximum level of integration between traditional and direct modes of access that match the behaviours and expectations of clients, to increase their satisfaction and the creation of value.

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