Become a true client centric company program

To become number one in customer satisfaction, a challenging, ambitious goal which is fundamental for achieving our mission, we have launched a specific strategic program.

This is Become a true client centric company, launched in 2013 as one of the key activities in the area of Technical Excellence. The program was developed starting from the Customer as an Asset community, created over the past few years to steer Generali change towards client centricity, composed of forty senior managers that are experts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in their countries.

The program is organised into 7 business streams and 4 IT streams. The key factors that are crucial for the implementation of the program are the implementation of IT solutions to support the definition of all functions required for Customer Relationship Management and platforms that can be easily accessed and used by clients.

Each stream has the support of the international community and is coordinated by a senior manager who has already developed best practices at local level. This way, we have activated a network of experts to disseminate best practices within the Group and favour transnational synergies.

For each business stream, we identify possible Customer Management drivers and map best practices at Group level, which are then codified into guidelines to be implemented. Starting from the gap analysis, guidelines and best practices, each business unit defines their action plans, identifying specific initiatives.

The Customer Value stream focuses on changing customer relationship management. We intend to abandon the traditional, outdated view of focusing on the value of the policy purchased, to consider the relationship with the client in a holistic manner. This allows us to consider the specific characteristics of each client, obtaining a complete picture of the risks the client is exposed to and their personal needs for present and future protection.

The Cross and Up-Selling stream focuses on proactively identifying possible needs pertaining to financial well-being and protection of our clients. The goal is to be able to provide highly customised consulting, i.e. based on the client’s characteristics and relating to their needs in each phase of their lives, in order to offer the most suitable insurance solution at all times.

Retention is one of the most important streams, because it focuses on what could be defined as the "moment of truth" in our relationship with the client. This stream focuses on building a relationship of trust, based on concrete, tangible services provided through careful consulting when needed by the client.

The Customer Experience stream analyses and understands our clients’ needs, in order to design and create high quality products and services. To guarantee each client has an excellent experience every time they interact with the company and our distribution networks, we also take the opportunities provided by digitalisation and innovation.

The development of Products and Services stream is also highly important. In this stream, we identify best practices in the area of innovative, customised protection solutions through an in-depth examination of clients’ new needs and behaviours, to develop unique offers on the market. In this regard, it is important to note several examples of innovative products recently issued on the market, in which our clients showed great interest.

In Germany, CosmosDirekt launched three short and mediumterm investment and pension products - Tagesgeld Plus, Flexible Vorsorge and Rente Plus - which offer competitive, transparent, extremely flexible on-line solutions. When the needs change, with just a simple click clients can change the destination of amounts invested, for example, by moving them from insurance investments to a pension plan.

Also on the German market, AachenMünchener has made two innovative packages available to clients - one life product (VASP) and the other a non-life product (VSP), featuring a modular protection system. In both cases, these provide structured processes to understand the specific requirements for protecting clients’ life (non-life) assets. These take the form of an insurance and finance check-up carried out by a financial advisor to offer structured, customised solutions to close gaps in coverage, also supplementing any existing policies issued by Group companies or by other companies.

In Italy, Genertel offers the Quality Driver motor policy which, through the use of a sophisticated telematics system ("black box" and GPS satellite localisation system), provides clients with important services, such as roadside assistance, locating stolen vehicles, exact reconstruction of events in relation to claims, etc.. Moreover, the possibility of accurately checking the client’s habits and driving may result in more precise pricing of insured risk, providing drivers with the possibility of obtaining a discount on the renewal price based on their driving behaviour.

In the area of the Customer Satisfaction, an internal team is working on developing guidelines based on the experience accrued in the various countries, following system-wide surveys such as the Net Promoter Score. This is a type of survey currently used in many countries, which measures how likely clients are to recommend their insurance company to third parties. We believe that the Net Promoter Score is a useful tool for improving the customer experience, as recommending one’s insurance company goes well beyond rational factors, involving emotions. Clients recommend our Group only if they have an outstanding experience with us, and feel that we care of them in every aspect of the relationship. Being able to constantly measure customer satisfaction by implementing these types of systems is an important milestone in building a mutually satisfying longlasting relationship with our clients.

Client centricity

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