Commitment to our clients

Our vision and mission places the focus on clients: our activities aim to proactively take care of people’s future and lives through insurance, knowing that we can improve their lives by ensuring well-being, safety, consulting and services.

As we are aware of the importance of customer loyalty for an insurance group such as ours, we work to develop products and services using a customer centric business approach. We believe it is only possible to create value for the Group by creating value for clients. For this reason, as we intend to become our clients’ first choice and confirm this preference over time, we aim to increase customer satisfaction by offering insurance solutions that effectively meet their needs.

In managing various activities, our commitment to clients is carried out by: 

  • simplifying and engaging consumers in product and service innovation;
  • offering products that are immediately available and directly accessible, through the most convenient channel for each person in various situations;
  • providing clear contractual language, to allow anyone to easily understand the insurance terms and conditions, which comply with national laws and sector regulations;
  • conducting all operations in a transparent manner;
  • providing ongoing, accurate training to our sales networks.

Commitments to our clients

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