Letter from the Chairman end Group CEO

2013 was a crucial year for Generali. In a complex economic climate, the Group regained its vitality as a result of a strategy based on discipline, focus and simplicity. By executing the new strategic plan, we achieved significant results...

Sustainability Report 2013

Our commitment

We, Generali

We are one of the leading international insurance and financial groups operating in more than 60 countries.

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Deliver on the promise

Our values express our beliefs and are the foundation of our commitment to stakeholders, on which we build the trust needed to maintain long-lasting relationships.

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Be open

We are curious, approachable and empowered people with open and diverse mindsets who want to look at things from a different perspective.

43 milion

78 milion

Value our people

People play a key role in helping to fulfil the Group strategic goals. We believe in the value of our employees and we build the competitive advantage on their expertise, experience and commitment.

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Live the community

The community, understood as the social, economic and environmental fabric of society, is the foundation on which we have built our history and our brand recognition.

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77,185 group

92.3% of permanent

38 milion euro
for the community

13,216 volunteering

Generali and the environment

We cannot think about improving people’s lives unless we look after the environment in which they live, which is increasingly threatened by heedless and inconsiderate behaviour that risks endangering the key resources and habitability of the planet for the future generations.

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reduction in paper consumption

reduction in GHG

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